This web page contains Links to Ed's personal Library of papers,

 slides and other notes that he considers important or interesting


Bio - What Ed  claims to have accomplished during the Last 83 Years

Ed's  Book     "Three Dimensional Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures"  



1950 to 1975 Early History of Earthquake Engineering at Berkeley

1957 to 1960 Model Analysis of Oroville Dam at Berkeley

1957 to 1970 Early History of Finite Element Research at Berkeley

1958 to 2013  Computer Speeds  Vacuum-tube Computers to Multiprocessors

1960 - ASCE Conference in Pittsburgh - First Finite Element and Nonlinear papers

1962 - Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal

             Step-by-Step Algorithm  for Dynamic Analysis

             Automated Finite Element Program  - Repair of Norfork Dam

1963 Early Non-Linear Seismic Analysis of Multistory Building

1963 Ed's D. Eng. Dissertation and the first automated finite element program

1965 Finite Element Programs for the Analysis of Aerospace Structures

1988  Multi-Processor  Analysis of Finite Element Systems

1998  Pivot Hysteresis Model for Reinforced Concrete Members

2006   Load Dependent Ritz Vector Algorithm and Error Analysis



October 8 TY Lin Presentation

SEAONC Sept. 22 Lecture PPF1  Approximate 3 minutes to download

SEAONC Sept. 24 Lecture PPF2 Approximate 2 minutes to download



1998    Is Fear of Earthquakes Justified ?

2012    The Butterfly Effect Presented by Professor Carlos Felippa at the 25th Anniversary of

            CIMNE International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering Barcelona, Span

2013    Demand Capacity Ratios for 3D Frame Elements

2013    Onerous Response History Analysis ?

2013   Educational Priorities of an Old Professor on Seismic Analysis of Structures

2016   Termination of the Response Spectrum Method for Non-linear Analysis

 Ed's comments on the Pushover Method for Seismic Analysis of Structures (work in progress)